Malgorzata is a London based photographer. A graduate with a First-Class Honours Degree in Photography. Her specialities include conceptual photography with a huge emphasis on Travel and Documentary.


Nomad, wanderer… with a habit of capturing moments. Why nomad?

Nomadic culture has always interested me. The idea itself that nomad is in constant state of movement, either physical or mental, without the perspective of home to return to somehow is related to me.

Since I was a little girl, this constant state of movement is somewhere inside me. I chose to leave my family home at the age of fifteen and since that time I live in a place of temporariness.

My favourite Dutch novelist, Cees Nooteboom in his essay Saigoku wrote: “Once, when I had no way of knowing what I know now, I chose movement, and later on, when I understood more, I realized I would be able, within this movement, to find the silence necessary in order to write; that movement and silence are balanced in a union of opposites. That the world, with all its drama and crazy beauty, its baffling vortex of countries, peoples and histories is itself a traveller in an endlessly voyaging universe, a traveller on its way to new journeys, or, to put it in the words of Ibn al-Arabi: ‘As soon as you see a house you say, this is where I want to stay, but scarcely have you arrived before you leave again, in order to be on your way once more.’ ” I think this fragment summarises my way of life quite well.







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